Drilling fluid additive company. Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of many proprietary and patented drilling fluid/mud additives, proppants and other oilfield products, equipment and services worldwide.

About Us

“The Hole Solution Company”

Sun Drilling Products drilling mud fluid additives company

SUN is a technology driven company that has actively served the needs of the exploration and production industry by providing enhanced performance solutions as an independent specialty products company since 1964. We feature a full line of high quality, proprietary specialty drilling fluid additives, coil tubing fluid additives and advanced Ultra Lightweight (ULW) proppants and gravel pack material. These products are designed to save operators significant time and expense while drilling and provide optimum production results in all types of challenging down-hole conditions around the world.

Our Products

Our product line focus has always been on the development of high quality specialty products designed to solve specific downhole problems faced by operators in many parts of the world. We have documented thousands of success stories around the world where our products have been applied to solve problems associated with torque and drag, stuck pipe, wellbore stability, lubricity, fluid loss, bit balling and a host of other problems routinely encountered by operators in difficult environments. The success of our FracBlack and FloMax SSC ULW bead technology for fracturing and gravel packs is a major improvement in the unconventional development markets.  Our only agenda at SUN is to solve your down-hole problems quickly and efficiently. In the process, we save you time and money. Our reputation as “The Hole Solution Company” has been earned by supplying top quality products, service and performance to the industry for over five decades.

Our Facilities

The vast majority of our products are developed, manufactured, packaged and dispatched at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.  We have numerous stock points throughout the US in all active shale plays. Our US and International Sales Offices are located in Houston, TX.  In Canada, SUN has offices and warehouse locations in Calgary, and throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Our products are readily available through our international group which ships through the Port of New Orleans or other locations as needed by our customers.

Our Commitment to You!

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality specialty products available. Our highest priority is to save you time and money by solving your down-hole problems in the most efficient manner possible. Our commitment to our customers has been our highest priority for over 40 years and we look forward to serving your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at SUN is to provide cost effective, value added, leading-edge technical solutions to down-hole problems facing the exploration, production and stimulation industries worldwide. The company strives to provide the best planning, execution and follow-up of any service company in the industry.

Our People

Our management and sales team listed below is at your service 24 hours a day.


Douglas P. Heller
Michael P. Cook

Pete Kapak

Vice President


Ron Coulter
Vice President


Harold Brannon
Vice President

Production Enhancement

Terry Eastwood
Vice President

Business Development,
Eastern Hemisphere

Richard Mapp

Director Emeritus

Roger De Spain
Vice President

Business Development

United States

Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Elokda

Technical Sales Engineer

Casey Johnston
Customer Service Representative

Jody Blaylock
Customer Service Representative

Gulf Coast

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