LubraMax drilling fluid additive is made up of ultra-strong oil drilling beads for increased lubricity and decreased torque and drag. For use in coiled drilling operations. Contains rate of penetration enhancers. Specifically for high-pressure, high-temperature environments.
LubraMax™ Beads<sup>®</sup> Drilling Fluid Additive






Casing/Liner Applications: LubraMax® Beads are premium ultra-strong spherical solid beads that provide mechanical lubrication and casing wear prevention through stand off and impact absorption. LubraMax® Beads are packaged in super sacks weighing approximately 2000 pounds each and contain a broad PSD that is excellent for casing and liner runs without opening dozens of sacks.  The super sack is easy to handle on location, speeds up blending time and reduces trash on the location. 

Coil Tubing Applications: LubraMax® Beads are packaged in easy to handle pails weighing only 25 pounds each.  This allows the CT operator to add beads to the system quickly to resolve sliding and sticking issues.  The pails put control into the operators hands to regulate small quantity additions without waste.


Drilling Applications: In harsh environment drilling, the challenges to oil companies in the years to come will be to drill deeper and further horizontally into producing formations. With LubraMax® Beads, Sun has met this challenge by providing a high-pressure and high-temperature stable lightweight (SG 1.06) nanocomposite co-polymer bead to allow the operator to succeed in these environments. LubraMax® Beads was tested for 1,000 hours under constant pressure and heat with no breakage or collapse.



  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Reduces metal to metal & casing wear
  • Non-abrasive
  • Recoverable using Sun’s recovery process
  • Compatible with both oil and water based fluids
  • Environmentally safe
  • Resistance to deformation is greater than 26,000 psi hydrostatic; thermally stable in downhole circulating environments

Typical Uses

  • Aids in directional changes or sliding
  • Aids in prevention of sticking of liners or casing
  • Additional mechanical lubrication for all fluids
  • Allows more true weight to bit
  • Spot in hole prior to logging operations
  • Spot in key seats, dog legs etc. to reduce torque, drag and sticking problems
  • Apply LubraMax™ Beads 30/80 for torque and drag in coiled tubing operations or with work strings


Physical Properties

  • Form: Spherical solid black bead
  • Color: Black 30/80 mesh
  • Density: 1.06
  • Thermally stable: >450°F bottom hole temperatures


  • Concentrations of 2 – 8 ppb (5.71 – 22.87 kilograms/m3) or as the wellbore dictates is normally sufficient to control torque and drag
  • Concentrations of 8 –12 ppb (22.87 – 34.31 kilograms/m3) are recommended for spotting in logging, liners and running casing
  • LubraMax™ Beads® are easily added through the mud-mixing hopper


LubraMax® Beads are available in 25 pound pails,

50-pound (22.6-kilogram) sacks (48 or 50 sacks per pallet) and 2,000-pound super-sacks.














To order LubraMax® Beads or for more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.

For more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.