Lubra-Glide Bead Recovery Unit is a recycling system by which oil drilling beads are recovered for reuse in drilling and completion fluids. Reduces torque and drag.


Bead Recovery Unit

the original bru Technology


The Lubra-Glide® Bead Recovery Unit (BRU)(Patent # US RE 38,367 E) is a system by which our patented process of recovering Lubra-Glide® Beads for continuous recycling in drilling and completion fluids is accomplished.

The process is simple and efficient. Lubra-Glide® co-polymer beads and cuttings are removed by the rig shaker and washed down into the recovery tank. The turbulent water action within the recovery tank serves to separate Lubra-Glide® beads from the cuttings. Upon separation, the cuttings settle quickly to the bottom and are transported across our high-speed cuttings shaker screens. The finer solids and Lubra-Glide® beads are then pumped to one or two hydro-cyclone manifolds mounted atop our high-speed cuttings shaker equipped with 150 to 250 mesh screens (or operator specified mesh). The Lubra-Glide® beads with an average specific gravity virtually equal to that of water (SG 1.06) are forced upward through the hydro-cyclone discharge vortex while the unwanted solids travel downward for discharge.


Lubra-Glide Bead Recovery Unit Oil Drilling Beads Equipment Sun

Lubra-Glide Bead Recovery Unit


At this point the final recovery step takes place. The bead-carrying fluid discharged through the hydro-cyclone discharge vortex is directed by hose across our recovery shaker. This final separation of Lubra-Glide® beads from the fluid assures re-introduction of clean beads into the circulation system via the rig suction pit and the return of the fluid back to its original point, the recovery tank keeping the fluid in its own “closed loop” system.

This recovery process allows for 90 to 98% of the Lubra-Glide® beads to be recovered. The continuous re-introduction of Lubra-Glide® beads into the drilling and/or completion fluid creates a constant free-flowing concentration of beads working downhole to effectively reduce torque and drag conditions.   




  • Primary Shaker with Hydro-cyclone
  • Separation/Wash Tank
  • Separation Tank w/Built in Primary Shaker
  • Recovery Shaker
  • Drip Pan
  • Parts Box with Assorted Parts
  • Power Supply
  • Total Weight of Typical Unit


8’ x 4’ x 5’3” –  2,600 lbs.

12’ x 7’ x 7’6” –  8,900 lbs.

12’ x 7’ x 9’6” – 10,500 lbs.

8’ x 4’ x 3’2” –   2,420 lbs.

12’4” x 8’ –  4,000 lbs. (with hoses and recovery pump)

4’ x 4’ x 4’ – 800 lbs.

480 volts/3 phase

~19,000 lbs.







Order SUN's Lubra-Glide BRU or for more information, call 713-690-3939 (Canada-403-319-0677) or e-mail us.


For more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.