C-Mul drilling fluid additive improves lubricity, shale inhibition and wellbore stabilization and reduces torque and drag. It enhances the properties of water-based drilling fluids and is ideal for deepwater applications. Contains rate of penetration enhancers.
C-Mul<sup>®</sup> Drilling Fluid Additive



PAO technology for your mud


The high Performance component for your Water-based Mud


The C-Mul® drilling fluid additive’s formulation enhances the properties of water-based drilling fluids resulting in improved drilling rates and wellbore stabilization. The package combines key components of Sun's polyalphaolefin (PAO) technology creating an effective, high performance emulsion-based drilling fluid.

Manufactured with a PAO synthetic hydrocarbon base, C-Mul® is formulated to improve rate of penetration (ROP), hole/shale stability and inhibition. The use of PAOs in drilling fluid additives earned patents as an inovation for synthetics in the petroleum industry.  C-Mul® is designed to be added directly to water-based fluids with a minimal amount of mixing and agitation. C-Mul® is compatible with fresh and saltwater systems and has no adverse effect on the LC50 value of the system. C-Mul® coats the formation and metal parts with a hydrophobic barrier layer of PAO minimizing balling and wear.

C-Mul® with its unique rheological profile has remarkably improved lubricity in several types of drilling fluid systems including deepwater applications. The product reduces torque and drag, effectively improving drilling rates, while not adversely affecting the rheological properties of the drilling fluid system.



  • Produces high inhibition in WBM
  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Decreases friction and wear
  • Minimizes bit balling
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-sheening
  • No adverse effect on LC50

Recommended Treatments

  • C-Mul® 6% - 10%


C-Mul® Physical Properties

  • Specific gravity: 0.80
  • Appearance: Clear amber liquid
  • Flash point COC: >300°F (>149°C)
  • Funnel viscosity: 70°F - 39/sec; 120°F - 34/sec


  • Rig storage bulk containers (13 bbl/550 gallon)
  • Disposable tote tanks (6.5 bbl/275 gallon)
  • Drums (55 gallon)








To order C-Mul® or for more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.

For more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.