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SUN is a leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of many proprietary and patented oilfield products, equipment and services worldwide. We provide engineered product solutions for many drilling, workover, or completion problems with a focus on enhancing operational economics for our customers.

SUN is particularly well known for our full line of high quality, proprietary specialty drilling fluid additives (DFA) designed

to save operators significant time and expense while drilling in all types of challenging downhole environments. Our DFA products have a long history of solving problems associated with torque and drag, stuck pipe, wellbore stability, lubricity, fluid loss, bit balling and a host of other problems routinely encountered by operators especially when drilling extended reach and horizontal wells.

New ultra lightweight (ULW) proppant and gravel products developed by SUN are leading the way in high value completion operations around the world due to the advanced technology incorporated in their design and production.  The ULW products have been proven to dramatically enhance production and overall economics from both conventional and unconventional reservoirs alike.

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